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Hey all,

I replied here earlier today but for some reason that one is gone.
let me type it again ;)

I'll be straight forward with this, MA will be removed from the game, appologies for bringing this bad news. As already mentioned earlier in this threads, the rewards will be relocated to other places in the game.

Here are a few reasons why:
* It came high in the Annual Survey (Decluttering the game)
* It is currently broken and fixing this would take incredibly long, so long that it's not justifiable from a development perspective. To further add to this because MA is so different and big it does have some kind of upkeep and even more if we were to keep it relevant.
* New players expect that everything in the games works and if they interact with MA they will have a bad experience.

With the removal of MA, it doesn't mean the Storyline abruptly comes to an end. It might still continue in the future.

I hope this clarifies it a bit.
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22-Oct-2018 13:24:57

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