POH Rework Cancelled?

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On June 4th 2016, Jagex uploaded a video to Youtube talking about the Player Owned House Reworks that were in testing stages. It presented furniture hotspots that you could move around, door customization options, and moving around rooms without having to delete them.

I tried searching for some public statement or update on the project since then however have not had any luck scrolling the Youtube Channel, forums, and social media. I went back to the video and found several comments confused on when or if it was still coming. So I figured I'd ask upfront, what is the progress on the POH Reworks? Are they still happening? If they were cancelled why were they shut down? Lastly can we expect any kind of POH updates going into the next year?

23-Jan-2018 19:10:44

Jon Stryder

Jon Stryder

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I take it this is referring to the technical update demoed by Mod Doctor during the 2016 Summer Summit. Last I heard was a reply from the good Doctor to a reddit post some 13 months or so ago saying the project was on hold.

Jon Stryder said:
"Can we get the ability to move our rooms around in our POH without having to completely delete them like OS has?"

Mod Doctor:Original message details are unavailable.
Right, the POH Rework that I demo'ed at Summer Summit and a Livestream ([youtube link removed] for those who missed it) is on temporary hold. It's reached the point where I have a proof of concept, but this update requires far more than just a code change, and I am but one man with one discipline. Another mod did prototype moving rooms in the current version of POH, but it was not tested. If I find time, I'll see if this can be pushed though to QA. No promises though.
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I think it might be happening in the next update,
some other guy in the forums said he got a message saying:
"its time of planks and hammers",
and a lot of weird things going on with players...

24-Jan-2018 22:33:33

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