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Is this still going to happen? Seems like since masterwork was released with the m/s update this had kind of gotten thrown to the side... I'd still love to see what my dyed set looks like with a graphic overhaul : )

18-Feb-2019 04:12:46

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Iíd like it, but itíd make me laugh considering they threw out spiked Masterwork. Apparently itís easier to add a whole new armour look instead of an already mapped variant if that happens.
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21-Feb-2019 15:12:43

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They could at least still release a graphical rework of Malevolent even if it isn't an elite version..would be kind of odd if they graphically reworked basically the range & mage alteration of it but left it as it is..
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21-Feb-2019 17:41:42

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