So about that Bank Update.....

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Luna's Bank Rework Idea Board.

You know it's been since January we have really heard anything, and with mobile not really, coming out that fast I would enjoy seeing this update considering, I mean this is the one thing this game needs the most. I mean you guys had a great concept for it. Even if you just released the base concept for it and did updates to it, like you do with all your other content in the game that would be great. I mean look we have seen you focus on bossing, skilling, but if you could update banking, even with I don't know.

-The ability to rename the tab's.
-A cleaner interface(shiny)
-Placeholder item's.
-Shiny navigation button's.
-Why not display a picture of the gear the player is holding with stats, so the player is better equipping themselves? (vertical to fit screen).
-Also an option to lock slot item's in such as food and potion's in the bank, to prevent them from moving.

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I locked the other two threads as they were just duplicates of this one. There is no need to post it in suggestions as this has already been confirmed as being worked on.

As far as mobile, it is out in beta to a certain number of users now. They are busy working out the bugs to make it the best mobile version of the game you love available.
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I apologize @CM Leigha, I had no idea where to put it. I was simply trying to supply quality of life update's I apologize, I just know in January we were promised a bank update and I haven't really heard much since then, so I was just throwing idea's around.

01-Sep-2018 00:53:42

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I support the lock items in bank and a placeholder just like OSRS.
The rename can be useful for some people but its not really a thing I would use.

I just hate all those shiny things and the interface is fine for me atm so no support for those things.

01-Sep-2018 09:05:34

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The thing im hoping there still going to add to the bank rework is more bank tabs, even with 9 tabs, theres times when I would like to add a further 2 or more tabs...

1) for all the event tokens that ive got from spring fayer / summer beach / novtumberfest.
2) for clue scroll rewords that i have got but yet to sell/disemble
and 3) so my junk items tab is not sheared with my farming / construction supplys tab :|

02-Sep-2018 12:22:42

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Okay so first off, plural words that end with an "s" don't need an apostrophe. I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi or anything, it's a common mistake, just figured it's worth learning ^^

With that out of the way, most of what you listed is already planned, but some things sound unnecessary(we don't need "shiny" buttons, for example).

Anyway, Jagex isn't going to update the bank piece by piece for 2 reasons:

1. Spending dev time on Mobile. Personally, I think Mobile is a colossal waste of time, and will inevitably fail, but regardless, most devs are working on it(and Remastered), and thus nobody is working on the bank currently. Same goes for the M&S Rework. Mobile could potentially make money, reworks like these are guaranteed to never make money. Sad, but true.

2. The bank is such a huge mess code-wise that they have to pretty much re-write the whole thing. Thus, it is almost impossible to add small updates to the bank over time until it's done, so Jagex might as well give us all of these changes at once. Why wait for several weeks to get everything when it's all done anyway? We got Diango and such for the bank because that was easier to implement without untangling all the spaghetti code. This is a WAY bigger update than it seems, and once the devs get to working on it again, it will still be quite a while before it's finished. Thankfully some progress seems to have been made before it got shelved, so when they get back to it, maybe it'll only be a couple of months.
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Kawaii Ahri
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Kawaii Ahri

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Think the bank rework is on hold currently as stated above. Not seen any upcoming betas for the mobile now that someone mentions it. I'd really like to play the beta and I don't understand why they don't do one like Old School Runescape is doing. I'd love to play in bed :( A leader of Mischievous Misfits you can
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