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Great news-been waiting for this since it was first proposed-thank-you for trying again to make it work
--Extra tabs is my favorite update as that alone will make me happy. I like the ideas from John Rayne and MIU. I also would like to see all tabs at once rather than scrolling.

Regarding bank space---Some people are just hoarders and any amount of space will never be enough. Junk the junk people.

Jagex has been doing a good job of creating ""mini banks"" such as -quest chest -pof barn- diango -poh- hidy-holes- m&s update,

there is one area that could still use it's own bank and that is THE ARC
At the moment the arc takes up 29 bank spaces(16 spaces are just the seeds)
perhaps jagex could take a look at that. Otherwise i'm happy with the proposed changes. Good luck jagex in making it work.

16-May-2019 23:36:48

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