M&S Rework Question!

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Eneru Logia
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Eneru Logia

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I know in order to make the T90 Pickaxe requires Crystal Pickaxe+Blast Fusion Hammer+Imcando Pickaxe.

Will there be any change to the requirements to get Imcando Pickaxe?

Right now you have to get full gilded outfit+Gilded Dragon Pickaxe+Imcando Shards in order to make Imcando pickaxe.

I really don't feel like going and spending 24-48 hours at Lava Mine to get this if I don't have to. I am already 100 mining and do not care about going to 120 or 200m XP.

I am purely using this skill for making money when rework comes out.

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It sounded to me like they're speeding up the process of getting it from lava flow mine after the rework by guaranteeing nymphs after x time rather than it being rng based. Requirements stay the same otherwise.

17-Sep-2018 09:33:55

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