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Lord Courage

Lord Courage

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Hey, I just saw the post regarding the armour on Facebook.

Regarding Mod Neil's concept, I liked the armour with gold trim the most, although if it was me I'd keep the spikes from the feet and the helmet. As the helmet looks boring without something as it is.

Regarding my favourite armour types, I really like the Paladin armour from the premier club with the gold trim, what I think it does well is the lower arms and legs, I also really like the general detail put into the trim that makes it look more intricate.

I like the hood part from the umbral outfit.

I'm a fan of the faceless assassin gear, I really like the assassins creed type feel and layered aspect of the shoulders and cape, similarly I'm a fan of a good hood, and in this case mask too. From the same outfit I'm not as large a fan of the shinguards and arm guards to me they seem too boring and an odd shape.

For the defender of the mind armour I feel that it had a decent amount of intricacy however I think a white colour rather than the metallic grey and a bolder trim would have suited it better, I also think I would have preferred bulkier shoulders for it which is again an area I think the paladin armour does well.

I really like the Dulcin Cuirass, I'm not as large a fan of the Dulcin helm particularly but understand that it is Zamorakian theme they're going for, the Dulcin gown I'd preferred the primary colour to be black rather than red or even, black platelegs with perhaps half a gown covering only 1 of the legs instead.

I'm a fan of the elven top's colours and design.

And a fan of the Western captains outfit minus the hat.

These are outfits that I own that I've gone through briefly

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Lord Courage

Lord Courage

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Outfits I don't own that I like are,

The blessed sentinel's torso section of the body, I don't like the arms or shoulders, but the main trunk of the body I really like. The wings, in particular, I find lacking in detail which is why I don't like them.

I liked the lion's head shoulders on the old Torva I thought that was really good.

I wanted to like the Sir Owen outfit but I just didn't when I look at it in comparison to the Paladin outfit I think how the lower and upper arms join up on the armour is a selling point for me to me they don't join up well on this outfit, also I don't like the side on shape of this outfit's shoulders. I think the legs and trunk of the body are really well done.

I like the elemental and executioner outfits but do not like that I can't customise more colours within the elemental outfits.

I like the darkness over the upper face in the Robes and Vestments of Sorrow outfits.

I like the War Robes outfits but find bottom part of the robes perhaps a bit boring. And I dislike the Zaros helm and shoulder guards on this outfit. I think I dislike the helm covering the eyes for this outfit.

I like the assassin's outfit.

For the K'ril's battle gear I'd really like the helm/mask if it didn't have the horns.

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Lord Courage

Lord Courage

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What do I like in an outfit?

For me, I like a sleek clean design. Always

For melee armour outfits. Take the Paladin outfit as a good example. I like the lower and upper parts of the legs and arms to join up nicely or flow nicely, I like a good V taper in the character's overall build so in general, this means slim waist and large shoulders. the boots and gloves also I'd prefer to match the arm/legs and flow together. Ideally, the back is not neglected in the hope that they'll wear a cape on top. The overall design I always like trimmed in some sort of way the more intricate and detailed the better. The helm has to be a statement piece. it should never be the bad bit of the outfit.

And the whole thing can't be too gawdy, and example of this is what the Templar outfit looks to in contrast to the Paladin outfit.

For me I always enjoy a white or black primary colour with gold trim as a colour scheme. but possibly red as a replacement secondary or added tertiary colour

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Talaegarys said:
Fait said:
TBH for me they haven't been making any good armour since the EoC update..


Yup. It all looks like it was copy and pasted from deviant art. Too fantastical and over the top with little originality. It has no character. Also wtf is up with Sirenic? Looks like the Predator.
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I think the ones without spikes look great. It's simple, but not over-the-top simplicity. Don't get me wrong, I love my clean looking armor sets (that's why I keepsaked steel) but this looks properly high leveled.
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