Skillcape Perks Proposals

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Mod Daze said:
• Dungeoneering – Has a chance to allow you to choose the boss you face in Dameonheim and increases the chance of receiving lore drops
• Slayer – Has a chance to act as a VIP ticket when getting a task
• Agility – No longer fail obstacles
• Construction – A chance to save planks while building in your player-owned house
• Crafting – A chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once
• Divination – All wisps will last a fixed amount of time

-Does this mean the DG master cape can be taken into Daemonheim? Or does it work from the bank? Also will the Master capes have the 99 cape perks as well or instead? At the moment I have the master Slayer/DG cape in my clue preset for the teleports; it would be a shame to have to 'downgrade'.
-As pointed out, the Agility one still feels useless: where do you even fail?
-While the Construction one listed is very nice for 120 hunters, teleports to the PoH portals might be more useful in general? Or does that ruin the value of the teletabs too much?
-I cannot stress enough how good the current perk actually is; letting you make an extra d'hide shield per inventory. Any chance it can stay on top of the gems perk?
-How long will the Div one be? How about it acting like a faded memory for extending the timer?

Subzero said:
Mod Daze said:
•Thieving – All pickpocketed drops are noted
Will this affect balancing in Priffdinas thieving?...

While true, banking takes practically 0 time with all the banks and teleports to each clan, and I actually think the bonus from Ardy cloak/Comp that makes you get caught less is very noticable when it comes to how long you last at each clan, so I think this is fine. What it does mean is that getting easy clues from HAMs will be a lot less tedious because we won't have to drop all the junk constantly, so super hyped for this one.

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Before I post my updated feedback, I have to say this: I cannot thank you enough for doing this on the Official Forums. I appreciate that it's more annoying as you have to post from work while you can use twitter and such from home, but it really means a lot to me to see you supporting your official forums (and replying to a post). From the bottom of my heart, genuine thanks for this.

Now, onto the FAQs!

Mod Daze said:
Although not previously mentioned, several players have asked for this to work in combat. We are happy to accommodate this and will make the change.

How exactly will this work? Will it allow natural regeneration of HP in cb full stop, like Fortitude, and will this mean that all things that boost HP regeneration rates will stack with it and work in CB? Or is it just that the bonus HP regeneration that the cape would apply will work in CB?

Mod Daze said:
In a similar vein, we will allow the Thieving skillcape to stack with the Ardougne cape.

I love you.

Mod Daze said:
A considerable number of you have expressed an opinion that you are not happy with the 120 Slayer perk – as such, we propose a change to the following:
• Once a day you can choose your task from the Slayer Master of your choice
Like Reaper’s Choice this will allow you to select the task you would most like to do, from the tasks available from that Slayer Master.

Dailyscape warning! Rather than making this a 'once per day' thing, how about making it a chance when getting a task (analogous again to Reaper's Choice, although I suggest a lower proc rate, say 1/30, so it's not too OP).

Glad to see the community engagement and this is looking good, carry on chaps!

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