Prayer potions are expensive

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Hey Guyzers123,

Prayer potions are quite expensive. What I like to do is invest a couple slayer tasks worth of money into buying as many as possible. You get used to restocking every once and a while!

Start with a goal of getting 100, and as you get higher slayer then move to 200. Hopefully your investment pays off because slayer is very profitable.

Enjoy slaying and good luck on drops!

(Hint: Teleporting to Falador and praying at the Obby restores prayer for free)

24-Feb-2019 14:22:50

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guyzers123 said:
Prayer potion (4) cost over 10k, I can not do konar slayer with melee because the prayer potions are too expensive, I don't mind using ranged instead :)

Add me ingame Guyzers, I'll give you free prayer potions so you can do melee slayer.
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Tom Grey

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Grow ranarrs in between tasks and make your own prayer pots. But to be honest, each slayer task should make you enough money to sustain your supplies. And if you don’t make any profit on a low lv task you can always use monkfish as your source of food, so you don’t die.

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parahunter21 said:
And no one thought this guy is from osrs?

no one plays 07

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