Why some items are EXPENSIVE?

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Sea King

Sea King

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Sir Foxsmith said:
After few hours merching days ago, I noticed some simple Items are being bought for an unbelievable price,

Like beers, common beer, used for nothing than fill your face,
1,000+ each

Bronze pickaxes, nobody need them, everybody start with one,
But somebody is buying for 1,400+

And many others like tinderboxes, kitchen knives, saws..

Why those items are so expensive?
Why somebody is buying them?
Is it for Invention?

Help me, my curiosity is killing me!

half are like due to invention.........good for parts

other are just pump and dump/collections
If you are willing to chuck your most precious possessions like phats because someone said words like crashing/dying/quitting and then find yourself unable to rebuy for what you sold for, then you don't deserve to own a phat.

02-Jul-2018 19:42:42

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