Golden Eggs - 4,000 fish later

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used2be 2w said:
Ziazara said:
Trying to get the Trout Golden Egg and I've read that it takes on average about 3-5 hours to obtain... well its about 5 days into this and i've gotten a salmon egg trying to get trout but thats it, is there some kind of weekly limit on Golden Fish eggs or something? I've fished over 4k trout/salmon but no luck on the trout.. Anyone else having this problem?

boidaez said:
i have 6 golden crackers if you need some eggs

I also have like 30 crackers + over 5k prawn balls i can open if you still need

do you still have the crackers and prawn balls available?

15-Jun-2018 16:51:13

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