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Pis2ols said:
Ethereal199 said:
Slave Zero said:
"I can't promise that we will or won't bring anything back in the future - I don't have that much power and I don't know who will be making those decisions next year." thanks for the new sig :D

Can you stop spamming this thread with irrelevant stuff? Xmas Scythes, Holly Wreaths and Black Santa Hats are deemed as discontinued non SOF/TH items, unless proven otherwise (i.e. being re-released like the Rubber Turkeys).

Rubber Turkeys were items limited to Xmas, but so were Santa Hats, Partyhats and Christmas Crackers. We could argue that the original discontinued items aren't rares too, as they are also "limited-time" rares (unless you can prove otherwise with a statement from a Jmod?).

This thread would have nothing to price check if "limited-time" rares aren't rares according to your opinion. I'm not optimistic that you get what we are talking about, because you've been proven to be quite stubborn and unyielding, even amidst counterarguments to your opinion.

EDIT: I like how you conveniently snipped Mod Krista's reply to suit your own agenda. She said this before what you posted, "We discussed as a team what was appropriate to bring back and what wasn't. For example we're not bringing the holly wreath back."

Your argument is invalid. Xmas Scythes, Black Santa Hats, and Holly Wreaths are in the same category as Rubber Turkeys. Although they weren't re-released, they can be. They're "discontinued" for the time being along with any SOF/TH item. Discontinued in this thread implies that they're 100% never coming back. Those items should not even be pced here as they're in the same boat as any other limited-edition treasure hunter items.

Not your thread, not your rules, not your definition of discontinued. Whatever Lyra wants to be pced here, will be, regardless of how illogical it may seem to YOU.

28-Mar-2018 12:00:52

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