Best Melee Weapon at 1 Attack?

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I've been doing some research to try find the best melee weapon to use at 1 attack, I'm down to Darklight, Magic Secateurs, Red Topaz Machete. Anyone have any others they can think of? Just a little personal quest of mine.

If anyone has any ideas or random thoughts I'd love to hear em!

21-Aug-2019 22:18:28

J R Kerr
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J R Kerr

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I was about to answer brine sabre, but checked wiki, and it changed for eoc, so Im wrong. It used to pack a wallop like rune scim and have no atk lv. Now its just lv 40 all. I still have mine as sentimental first slayer drop from 12 years ago.

Idek if pures are a thing since eoc. I have only bumped into griefers like 3 or 4 times since eoc came live, and none of em were pure. I miss when revs were loose.
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