Whats your favorite color Phat

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We all Bleed

We all Bleed

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This thread is pretty self explanatory all you got to do is Pick your favorite color phat, and ill tally all the votes up so everyone can see what colors are more Favorable.

1. Anyone can vote.
2. Each Person can only vote once.

Partyhats are put in order by Your votes:
#1-Green Phat:126

#2-White Phat:100

#3-Red Phat:71

#4-Purple Phat:66

#5-Yellow Phat:57

#6-Blue Phat:53

~Total votes:473

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Bruce Waynes

Bruce Waynes

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red RS3 Is like that bag of trash you see at the side of the road. You don't wanna go near it, and you forget about it as soon as you stop looking at it.
OSRS - Just play it already you know you want to
~Funorbs Broken Again :(
- Geme Private Hiscores.

04-Jul-2012 23:54:44

Dad l

Dad l

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I think green looks the coolest. It's like a bright lime green. Is a different shade of color than most of the other phats.
I like white second best.
Then blue
then red
yellow/ purp tied for last.

05-Jul-2012 00:21:21

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