Lucky Chaotic Staff?????

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So I just got this weapon from treasure hunter called the "Lucky Chaotic Staff" I wasn't sure what it was so I looked the thing up, it said that the levels on the thing were 80 mage/80 dung. I also thought that it said it was tradable; so I accepted the prize and attempted to sell it to no avail. Was the source I used to check into the staff just not reputable, or could it be possile that the all I have to do is kill the charges on the staff to make it tradable??

Thanks in advance

09-Jul-2019 15:07:12

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Purpleish said:
just keep it :P i have one too & use it as a bank place holder every now & again or something. looks okay

This. It isn't useless, it does have a different cosmetic appearance than the traditional chaotic weapons. From that standpoint, it is unique and also considered somewhat rare. Congrats. :)

09-Jul-2019 20:51:57

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