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Why isn't there a forum that holds items such as pirate hooks, abomination cape, tavia's rod etc? Decently high priced items and not really talked about. Would love to know the prices of those following items, thanks. Sincerely, Last of the remaining summoning tanks

11-Nov-2018 17:18:39

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Tavia's Rod is in Hero Item Status found at this qfc:

As for the others, I agree there should be one. Make one :)
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If you need to know a price of an item then the GE is usally quite good.

If you want to confirm the GE price or getting a player price guide then there is nothing stopping you making a thread in here asking about an item price. Thats why ID is here.

Hope that helped.

Please understand though. Not every single item needs a PC Status thread and many that are made are locked within a short time due to the fact they are not needed. For example a Spade does not need 1 yet a Party hat does. Low priced items do not need them where as high priced items do. ;)
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