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Pis2ols said:
NIB Godsword Shards (1, 2) 35m.

For clarification, with the smithing rework, Jagex removed the capability of combining Godsword Shard 1, 2, 3 together, hence making "Godsword Shards" a discontinued item at the moment. Item is "Godsword Shards" verbatim.

Okay, sorry to just barge in like this lol!
Be careful tho jagex clearly stated not to buy these items in reddit post
(link posted above by Matt5241)
They will be fixed in the future.
I like this idea of a low volume item pc thread tho, much luck with it!
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09-Jun-2019 13:00:42

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Pis2ols said:
Price check from another player ingame

"INB Purple Mushrrom 51.99m"

Not reporting a time or the player reporting the buy/sell in game is a surefire way to drag your own name through the mud when a conflict comes up, you know better.

09-Jun-2019 16:55:55



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Lmao what is this? People are conflicting the 50m+ staves who are buying it at 15-20m yet it still getting posted. Where are your print screens of the purchases if it's going so high? you won't post them because it isn't.

Oh, by the way, if you didn't suspect it, all these tokens pis2ols is pushing all of a sudden, is what he stockpiled and preparing to dump... And people are walking right into their trap. gg bank

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MR MF DOOM said:
dead thread

I'm suprised its not shut down because it says it PCs demon mob titles, and apparently pcing those on this forum section is a 'sin' and threads on/including said topic must be locked.
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