getting rid of partyhats?

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is it worth selling my 3 partyhats that's total over 23b and swapping to 07 for 4b, my end goal is to keep my wealth high ,something may happen to phat someday and get nothing or have the 4b 07, just want opinions

04-Jun-2018 13:56:31

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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I'd echo what Turkey said.

Maybe sell 1 partyhat, and keep most of your wealth on RS3 while enjoying some of it on OSRS? That ought to give you enough to buy 3rd age, or the rarest/most expensive items on OSRS.

04-Jun-2018 16:08:30

Oct Gold Premier Club Member 2012


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Keep the partyhats. They literally will only ever appreciate in value as long as the game exists, because - due to them being the apotheosis of wealth and damn near basis for rare pricings - Jagex cannot rerelease them en-masse or get rid of them. The True Asgarnia -
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05-Jun-2018 23:52:38

Sea King
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Sea King

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07 doesnt have any item that appreciates over time from inflation. anything you buy on 07 goes to shit long-term, even that precious 3a melee. If you are willing to chuck your most precious possessions like phats because someone said words like crashing/dying/quitting and then find yourself unable to rebuy for what you sold for, then you don't deserve to own a phat.

05-Jun-2018 23:59:19

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