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Hello all, I'm Gobin and I'll be starting a thread for the random expensive items that don't make it into certain forum topics. As for this thread I'd like to keep it nice and simple.
Below is a list of the following items to be price checked on this specific forum.


~*- ITEMS -*~

- Gud Raider

- Abomination Cape

- Pirate Hook (right)

- Pirate Hook (left)

- Double Pirate Hooks


~*- RULES -*~

- Keep price checks accurate to recent sales

- No spamming and/or trolling

- No trading, only discussion.

- Only items listed should be topics of price check


Last but not least, enjoy!

Looking forward to seeing a new thread bloom, any support/bumps are welcome. Also any ideas on items to add to this list will be considered.
Sincerely, Last of the remaining summoning tanks

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