Best Magic Set Up For Me

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Hi guys,

Fresh back to this game after about 10 years of not playing and started playing on RS3 now. I'm behind on the magic armour now so need some help and guidance, whats the best set up for me for magic.

I have;
80 Def
81 Magic
And about 40m gp

Thank you in advance,

Onzat Bird

11-Jul-2019 18:00:48

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I would grab subjugation armor (tier 70), it's a tad north of 10m (no need for the ward, shields aren't necessary much til later imo).

For a weapon, I'm not too sure, would be best to see what others say. Armadyl battlestaff is tier 77, costs about 15, then there is also virtus wand/book combo (tier 80) that is about 8m total. Personally I did virtus until I was able to use nox (tier 90), but I also didn't pay much attention to what was best to use.
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11-Jul-2019 18:13:00

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