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My main account was hacked this last summer and was botted on but hasn't been discovered as hacked yet. After reading through my facebook messages last night, I found messages from a friend I used to talk to. However, this was in 2013 and it's as if I've forgotten that whole year completely. I was hoping I could find his username on my friends list, not going to happen now. My compliment is, I found that this account had been hacked last night. I saw that it had been botted on last summer as well and permanent banned, however the ban has been lifted. I can only assume because they know it wasn't me. I wish I could say the same for my main, however. I'm really happy they got this one correct. This was never a good account but it was the first one I ever made and means a lot to me. Thank you Jagex.

26-Feb-2017 19:53:36

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Yes, Jagex DOES unban accounts on review and I am glad you have got this account back at least.

It sounds like Jagex did not discover 'hijacker activity' on your main so the ban has been left in place.
Sometimes 'hijacker activity' is not clear cut - accounts often just look like they have been shared. The evidence needs to be clear cut.

If an account goes inactive, its display name might be removed.
It ends up showing on your friends list as e.g. [#M4EUV3HW]
If you have any of those random character names on your friends list, you may as well delete them as it means the accounts have been out of the game for a long time now.
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Oh I'm very thankful. I do wonder how they know it wasn't me botting on this account but not the other which is still perm banned. It seems to me they were botted on around the same time (judging by the bot dates) and they DID have the same passwords. Hopefully when appeals open it will be cleared up. :)

28-Feb-2017 17:52:34

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