Butterflies :)

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Stevieeee said:
Nice one :).

I've always liked them too, they are good and useful experience to your lowest skill.

Notice how Stevie is such a completionist at this game that this no longer applies to him. Stevie kicks back, relaxes and sips on his hot cocoa as he reminisces on his past adventures.

I love these butterflies because not only are they the physical/living remnant of Guthix the God I loved, cherished, admired and followed from Tarddiad to Gielinor, it has also increased my lowest skill levels so they are now slightly more competent (essentially, I feel less like a newb). As I am really bad at performing these skills (such as Hunter, because I love animals and I believe that animals should be left alone), this has saved my life (and saved me from transgressing against my elven morals).
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