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Dear Jagex,

I've just finished watching the RS documentary.

I wanted to say that I agree with all the people who said that RS has become much more than a game: it's a community, and a huge part of a lot of players' lives. If someone asked me to name my best friends, I'd name 10 or 15 people I first met playing RS, before I started naming people I know from anywhere else.

I know some players feel as if you've sometimes let them down, but I don't feel that you ever have, and I don't expect that you ever will. You've made some decisions that turned out badly over the years, some that I disagreed with, some that changed the way I played. But I listened to your reasons for making those decisions, and I believed you were trying to do the best thing for the players and the game, no matter how well or badly it ended up working out.

After this long as a player, I don't think there's any decision you could make that would make me quit. This is not a challenge, I hasten to add! :D But as long as RS is still around, I expect to still be playing it. Nothing between 2005 and now has made me leave; I'm not expecting anything between now and the closing of the game (or the heat death of the universe, whichever comes first) to do so either.

Keep on keeping on, guys.
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Wanna add up to that.
Just watched it too. Well directed and entertaining.

Damn shame there aren't more people playing this. I miss the times when the worlds were packed (bots or not) and everyone were talking with each other, because there were no chat rooms in-game. If the RS team ever manages to restore that feeling, count me as a returning customer. :)

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I thought the documentary was very well put together. Probably enjoyable to people who have never played the game as well as those such as myself and oh-so-many others.

One thing I particularly liked was during the beginning half it explained how RS's introduction to the Miniclip website set a fire under runescapes arse and made the playerbase go up in flames with a boom, (in a good way)....
... I was one of those players, haha!
I now have a better estimate on which year I was introduced to this game.

I actually shared the link on my irl facebook account. I know, I know, I broke the third-wall rule.
But interestingly enough I found out which old highschool friends play runescape!

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