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I never do these kinds of things like post on forums, but today... I almost feel it a complete necessity. You are doing great things. Great things deserve recognition, even though this may not mean a lot.

You guys are the best people I see day in and day out. All of everything you do in your game, to everything you do in real life.. Each and every time I log into this masterful created game I see something new and amazing. Today you all are headlining mental health awareness targeting teen and young adults. Me being from where I am in my background appreciate that more than you will ever know. You all truly inspire me, in all walks of my life to do things like you all would.

This game gets me through a lot. It's almost become essential to my own mental health. It gives me a reason to wake up early... It get's me through hard day's at my noob job, thinking about how great its going to be to get home and escape into something I actually want to be a part of. I know you get these fan letters all the time but, I just wanted to personally thank you all with every ounce of my being.

Your biggest fan,
C Double Ya

28-Apr-2017 22:54:19

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