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Ill help

Ill help

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*Title probably caught your attention, but for good reason! This is mainly for Jagex but all can read.

So presumably my long time account, this one here. Well it had got the chains & lock! This was for good reasons; I hope at this point I don't know, but I am glad it did. This shows that Jagex's software for account security is working & none of my items were missing. I Don't play as often as when I was a teen but still try to play here & there, but I did not know of the authenticator. Since I recovered my account I had been informed of it. Such a "nifty" tool!

In other words thank you so much Jagex for your dedication to a game that has developed me as a young child who's parents monitored his actions online, to a young teen with goals & an eager eye for the IT field. To now a young man in his early 20s in the IT field & still amazingly shocked with a game that killed time, built friends, and built memories!

For the lack of many more intellectual terms of appreciation,


To your staff, who fight traffic to get to work, and for dealing with myself & many of us. Through the ups & downs I sincerely love you! ["As a company, of course."]

18-Apr-2017 21:27:05

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