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I just wanted to thank you guys at Jagex for taking the time you did on your video. You pointed out both the pro's and con's of some of the decisions that the company chose. You also brought a wave of emotions from the past that was pure nostalgia.
I played Andrew Gower's mini-games on Games Domain and followed it to the original site with an advertisement of Runescape, "Coming soon".
I remember the old functions of the game like when two players stood on the same object they couldn't pick it up. So in the instance when both players were stubborn and didn't want to move; the object would just disappear for no one to have. I also remember when the Zybez was started they had adverted the site in-game and was giving Mith square shields to each player who signed up.
I've came and gone when it comes to Runescape. But it will always be in my top 3 favorite games of my life time. You guys have seen the best and worst of the gaming community and deserve a gift/reward that surpasses any Guinness World Record could present.

Remember your core values, try your best to evolve, and preserve your community as they have been the building blocks far before Membership was created.

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10-Apr-2017 04:12:06

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It was a fantastic Documentary. I really liked the honesty by Mod Mark. He is truly an integral part of Runescape History and his departure in the future will leave a big shoes to fill. We all make mistakes and the fact that they really wanted to make things better for us, but didn't turn out that way really made me happy. I believe those mistakes really brought back the community aspect of Runescape like it was in the early days. Great watch and looking forward to the Runescape years to come. :) Forum Help ||
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10-Apr-2017 14:05:02

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