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I have just managed to find the time to watch it all.

It reminded me of the good, the bad and the ugly of Runescape's past.

The reasons why I played (a friend found the game on Miniclip!) and the reasons why I "quit" 4 times (Free trade, Microtransactions, Evo of combat)

To me, it's one of the games you just play. When I signed up we only had dial up so I played single player games on the Ps2/3. Then the internet went hot but I was not allowed a decent computer/laptop and I came back to this game. Then I went to Uni (where PSN was blocked) had lots of time to kill but didn't want single player games.

The one thing that hit me was the Gowers leaving, that was a very sad part of this documentary. I used to love reading their update posts. The one that stood out for me was the comparison of American football to Gnomeball but without the "wimpy padding" or "gorilla players". Just the wit and the humour involved made the game great and of course, without them, I wouldn't be typing this!

It's also sad really after watching the history of the game, to think the British company that has this history is now owned by a Chinese company, who may not have the same connection. That was a big seller to me, knowing it was an English game, with English humour but played worldwide.

10/10 guys, was a great watch.

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