How RuneScape has helped me

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I watched the RS documentary just before and it made me realise just how instrumental RuneScape has been in my life. I'm going to give you all a story on how I came to RuneScape and how it has affected me - This is pretty personal but I'm happy to share this.

The beginnings

It all started I believe around easter in 04. I got home from school and a friend was showing me the game. I remember seeing Lumbridge full of people and being fascinated and excited at the thought of playing such a big game with other players! It became pretty popular in my school through Miniclip and I ended up being friends with a fair number of them, where we'd be skilling or maybe questing together.

Problems as a teen

Fast forward a bit and mentally I'm struggling with life as a teenager for reasons I won't discuss, I've withdrawn from the world and people were moving away from RuneScape. It wasn't "cool" anymore - or at least it wasn't to talk about it. I hated school and the people in it, so RuneScape became my escape from reality. I was also very self conscious of how others judged me from school, so I created a new account which would would become a skiller (partly for the challenge, partly for the ego stroking). I felt I was pretty well known and popular in my home world, where I had many friends who would play as much as me. This really helped me through this phase of my life, when I felt irl everything was against me and that there was no help.

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Growing out of it

As I became near adulthood and leaving school I realised that I needed to change, I can't hide away forever. Many things changed which helped with this situation but ultimately it was hit an miss using my social skills, as I had been so withdrawn for so long and it wasn't coming naturally for me. You can probably guess there were plenty of hiccups along the way, but I did have RuneScape which I fell back on, alongside Funorb. I didn't play as much anymore but I did still get something out of it. I had only a few rs friends left during this time, but they were helpful and supportive.

Eventually I'd meet someone who introduced me to a big group I'm still friendly with now, which kickstarted my social life and got me into the real world I suppose you could say. This and my fading interest in RuneScape due to things like trade removal and inpending EOC, caused me to disappear from the game.

My return
occasionally I came back to check how things were for a little bit and such, but nothing kept me around, not until around this time last year or so. I had spent all the time since the start of that year in bed or in hospital, as I have very severe eczema that has come and escalated to a point where I can't work or really do much of anything. I'm desperate for something to distract me from my pain and discomfort, I check on RuneScape and see that OSRS (which I was aware of but forgotten about) was around, and you could resize the screen! That was a big deal to me as it was part of what put me off OSRS, that tiny window on a 1080p monitor isn't very nice at all.

With the state I've been in most the time it was preferable to have something you can do with just using a mouse or keyboard with 1 hand. And that was it, it was something to take my mind off my situation and enjoyable. This brought me back, and has kept me going since.

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The ending

Well I'm sad to say it but I'm still pretty crippled by my eczema right now. But RuneScape has been there for me time and time again it seems. The documentary as I mentioned in the beginning really hit home for me just what a difference it has made for me, not only in being an enjoyable game for a coping mechanism for unfortunate situations I'm facing.

I share this story in the hope that some of you guys at Jagex may read this and get some fuzzy feelings! Thank you for this game!

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What an inspiring story!
I have been active on and off in Runescape for about 10 years and have come back for the friendship. I have met others that had few options to be themselves and relax, enjoy the company of others due to life circumstances. What a pleasure it has been to help and play with each one I met. This is a community of friends!

And I must add, this Easter event is the absolute BEST ever!

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