I like 95% of it all

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Trey Chenier

Trey Chenier

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The only things I don't like, for example, is the 2 dimensional agility course in Priffy. There is another 2 dimensional something or other but, atm, I can't remember what it is. Too much on the mind, I guess.

One thing I absolute hate is that you give us only 1% chance of getting living components no matter what we disassemble. That really is terrible. We're just feeding our resources and getting so little back.

I get it. This is the ultimate resource sucking gizmo in the game. However, it just goes too far to give only 1% for your efforts.

The thing I like the most about the game it's designs and orderliness. Everything but a few things are absolutely great in organization.

Don't like the pastel colors for monsters. Kind of goes against the grain. lol

30-Apr-2017 22:52:44

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