15 Year Veteran Cape

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I received the 15 year Veteran cape on the first day it was released and am very happy with it. I am enjoying the recognition that I am recieving from wearing it. Thank you Jagex!

23-Feb-2017 13:16:04

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Ya the 15yr cape looks awesome and love the emote. Shame there wasn't any outfit to match with the veteran cape but it is what it is. Currently using Flameheart and have blue on it to make it kinda match the cape's flames. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smurf :D
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24-Feb-2017 06:18:05

Rubber Jon
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Rubber Jon

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I received my 15 year cape yesterday. It is absolutely amazing. The emote to go with it has my clan members extremely jealous.
Ive been back and forth from the game ever since runescape classic and I love what the game has become along with the community it brings

oh well took me a while to get this cape. can fairly say its well deserved.
Thankyou Jagex

24-Feb-2017 19:27:09

Erim Revived
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Erim Revived

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Best looking, though I was hoping the emote wouldn't be like they were for the 5 and 10 year...

But honestly it's the first year cape that I actually wear and doesn't just sit on my cape rack un-moving so great design :D

24-Feb-2017 20:18:52

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