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Silly Bob

Silly Bob

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Hello! I am Bob. Thank you so much for reading my thread. I recently came back to runescape and subscribed because I heard pvm is do doing well. I am very happy with the pvm updates and the gear updates.The new skills are refreshing. I played for about a month and started to realize that there were far too many maxed players and that most of these players had played less time than I had. I have almost a years play time and the account is ten years old. I started to look around for things that jagex said they would never do and noticed they had went against the spirit of the game over and over. The spirit of the game was always fun. When I approach someone in castlewars during a thaler weekend the typical response is why would I play this game there are no good rewards for it.

Things that are outside the spirit of the game

bank in POH

I have always been a casual but I accepted that I would not get as far as everyone else. it seems your doing everything the players want because your afraid no one will stay if you don't cater to people that are coming from the wow player base.

Thank you for re-adding OSRS I will be staying there. I really like that you guys have added this back. it shows you care. It's too bad you had to devalue my ten years of work to discourage me from not playing the game with all of the microtransactions. I understand the tactic and its whatever I guess I'm stubborn.
Jagex is now catering to people who are casuals and are only there for the reward. casuals who do not care about the permanency of the game. don't get me wrong I'm not saying no updates I love ALL of the updates that do not devalue the spirit of the game.

This game was different. THIS GAME was a simple rpg that captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of children and adults alike world wide and I will always remember the days I hunted red chinchompas for 400 coins each around a

26-Feb-2017 18:54:05

Silly Bob

Silly Bob

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No bots came at a cost. I have no reason to skill I can afford to spend a thousand dollars a month on this account if I want it makes the game have NO meaning to me. That's the main reason I am not interested in rs3 and it is too tempting --

26-Feb-2017 18:58:40

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