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Derek Booker

Derek Booker

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i miss my little blue buddy:( expesaly when in the cold areas of runescape.oh how i wich i could sumon him back to my side.

now the snow queen said that i would no longer be able to sumon him due to the bonds that link the land of snow and our world would be weaker,but there is a flaw in that statment:P.after the event the "myths of the white lands" quest was left in game for this quest you are teleported to "THE LAND OF SNOW" and after you compleet it you can go back there even on a f2p obviously the bonds are not that weak^_^.so i think we should be able to sumon our imp buddy's to us once again:D

now we cant have him folowing us permanantly after sumoning him,that would lag worlds somthing when you sumon him he should tell you some mumbo jumbo about not being able to stay long because he has work to do in the land of snow and will only stay for 30 minutes.that way if you wana keep him around for any lenth of time you would need to bring your ice necless with you and resumon him every 30 minutes.

on a almost compleatly unrelated would be nice if snow globes would sumon snow banks again.that way others could fight back as i pelt them with snow;):P

EDIT:also snowballs should be made to where you can build snowmen with them again anywhere.exept outside the land of snow they will not come to life.

PS.this is the second instalment of this thread,as all my thread died in the reshufle:@ YOU CANT FIT 6-7 FORUM GROUPS INTO 1 JAGEX.luckly i made backups of all my threads^_^ but all suport and coments where lost
oh romeo romeo,wherefore art thou romeo! deny thy jagex and refuse thy ban!
hark! what brick throu yander window breaks! it is the jagex! and juliet is the shards :-(

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I agree total!
P.S. The ice queen is a liar.
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22-Apr-2010 02:15:07

purple moo

purple moo

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i had yhat stuff on an old acc, but when i got hacked, wile i started to rebild, i could never have snowfights anymore. i like your ideas alot, and i also think we should have seasonal events, ex winter we have snow here and there.
or when you go to the ice plateax/cold place in general you could make snowballs any fight all year-round

30-Jun-2010 04:11:00



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I love snow fights!!!!!
And i miss my buddy too! *crys* :'(

03-Sep-2010 19:08:52

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