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I removed all of this out of frustration, due to a lack of forum users and such, some time ago.

It was a great thread. I regret it. Good content & such . . . maybe I'll try at it again elsewhere in the future.

Lock Thread.
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Experiment 1

Experiment 1

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I support this, and I'm HCIM.

This actually sounds like it would be pretty cool. Imagine havin' a large open land, just like Gielinor but it's just more realistic? Reminds me of uhm... like hardcore mode in Fallout or Minecraft hahaha!

Definitely adds more fun to the game imo. Especially the wether changing effects and enduring the harsh environments. Surprised they haven't done anything like this already. The winter coats could have a purpose now and stuff. This is all cool to me. Survive off the lands is the way to go lol
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Chef Fishero

Chef Fishero

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LOL this sounds awesome! I'm down. So, could we have pack animals? Would we need torches for the night? More construction skill opportunities like building traps around your camp, or rainwater collecter's for water, boil it over a fire..... and animal pens for trapped and tamed animals.

I really like this idea, tbh. Support.
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You should try it yourself.

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