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Okay, there's no aura which helps with Smithing like the Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, Divination, Thieving, Runecrafting (Runespan) auras, etc. There isn't one designed specifically for Smithing. However, the Wisdom aura can be used once a day for any skill and the Jack of Trade aura can be used when turning in the aura to get the lamp. Here is my suggestion.

Name --------------------- Tier ---------- Benefit/Examine
Smithing aura ------------- Basic -------- +1% bonus experience & +1% bonus Respect*
Greater Smithing aura ----- Secondary --- +2.5% bonus experience & +2.5% bonus Respect*
Master Smithing aura ------ Tertiary ------ +5% bonus experience & +5% bonus Respect*
Superior Smithing aura ---- Quarternary - +7.5% bonus experience & +7.5% bonus Respect*
Legendary Smithing aura -- Final --------- +10% bonus experience & +10% bonus Respect*

*One would think rewards stack with purchasable Artisans' Workshop rewards.

What does anyone think?

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I'd think a smithing aura might a good addition, but if it just is a xp one, wise is sufficient. Make it more complex: Some bonus progress or reduced heat loss while smithing or something like that.

Konota said:
Because smithing isn't a gathering skill.

Cooking, Prayer, Agility, Thieving and Slayer aren't either.
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Problem is that most of the skilling (non-combat) auras are there to improve efficiency.
Fishing and Woodcutting for example improve your chance by 3% to get the resource. Thieving improves your chance of thieving by 3%.

For Artisan, you do have Flameproof for Cooking. That reduces your chance of burning food by a few percent.

None of them specifically increase XP. If you want more XP, use the Wisdom Aura.

In reality, a smithing Aura would increase your chance of +1 progress by 3% for a Tier 1 Aura, 5% for Tier 2, etc. That or reduce your chance of your item cooling down on a given strike by 3% for a Tier 1 aura.
This would keep it in line with the existing auras.

Sorry, I didn't exactly read your post when I started mine.

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