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To bring attention to less used areas of the game, "bounty boards" would be established in major cities within the game. These boards would provide tasks or "bounties" to be completed for experience and level scaled rewards.

The Purpose:
Many areas of the game have fallen unused for a large portion of the time, large cities included. This is a way of adding potentially high to low level content to be injected into these areas to build reasons to return and add more variety to skilling and interaction with NPC's.

Players locate a "bounty" board or "task" board in a town/city, and locate the NPC that posted the task to learn more details. These tasks would be focused on skill related content around the city to help the locals.

- "(creature/monster) has been attacking our livestock at night, we could use some help dealing with them." Locate specified area, and defeat scaled monster/creature and defeat for slayer experience/item reward/coin reward.

- "Our house was damaged in the storm last night, think you can help make some repairs?" Player locates required building materials and helps make repairs to different sections of the NPC's house. Reward of construction/crafting exp/scaled coin to building materials.

-"Our guards armor and weapons are in disrepair, we could use some new gear." Provide armor for smith exp.

Other Reward Mechanics:
Performing tasks in the area build reputation with that city (think Menaphos for each city). Unlocking simple cosmetic, or ease of access services, and boosting experience gain in that city. Reputation would degrade slowly over time when you haven't performed a task for the city (think misc). Since reputation is not static, it would not count for completionist achievements.

The existing Challenge system and achievement task list is similar already, but is limited to only a few tasks a day. The task system is completed once in a city, and then become dead content to the player.
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