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Draco Burnz said:
Kings Abbot said:

The main reason ive head its no longer being done is due to the fact not many ppl so the replays.

I mean a jmod said that only about a few hundred or so ppl replayed the endgame quest so they pretty much shelved it.


The ones that are replayable are either high-end like Endgame, not that great like Broken Home or fun the first time but not that much the second time with the Gower Quest. The last one was fantastic with the unexpected stuff happening, but replaying removes its strongest point.
DoD is probably replayed a lot because of the extra rewards (the upside down party hat).

I would replay quests just to relive the story before doing the next quest if there's a lot of time between the releases of both quests. Three out of four quests are not part of a quest series, and the fourth is (currently) the end of one. When there's a followup of Endgame people might replay Endgame before doing the new one.

I believe they made it possible to redo the Myreque quests shortly before a new one was released by transfering your account to another server or something. I don't know how popular that was though.
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