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The #1 Dungeoneering FC!

Welcome to the
forum page!
is the largest and most well-known friends chat that provides you effortless Dungoneering XP and tokens. We have a team of reliable and dedicated ranks that have shown they are skilled in executing floors to get you the best service for your money. We sell all floors and items at reasonable prices.

If you're interested in buying floors as a leech or selling floors as a rank and this thread does not answer your questions, feel free to join our FC or PM one of our admins.

Thank you in advance for reading and we hope to see you in

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Large floors:
Aba (F30-35)
Occ (F36-47)
Warp (F48-56)
High Warp (F57-60)

Medium floors:
Best to buy these if you're under 59 Dg, normally floors 18-29.

C1 rushes:
Normally done as 1-29. You can buy non-AFK rushes which requires you to run to end or AFK rushes which means you sit at base and wait an extra minute.

Boss item hunts:
These are T11 items, dropped from bosses only (Primal, Saggitarian and Celestial items).

Craftable / Smithable items:
These include T10 items and below.

Slayer items:
These are items from slayer monsters within the dungeon such as Hexhunter Bow and Blood Necklace.

Hard mode floors:
Want to get your trim req done? We can sell it!

Prices cannot be listed on the forums. Please join Keyers FC or PM an admin for rates.

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How to Buy a Floor

FC then simply state which floor or theme you need, example: buying occ.

A rank will say "sold" + 3 concurrent letters of your name and tell you where to meet.

Pay before the floor.
Please pay 1 floor at a time for larges, up to 3 floors for mediums, rushes can be paid full upfront. REMEMBER TO PAY RANKS ONLY!

Once in the floor, sit at base and keep an eye on the chat box every 30 seconds or so in case we need you for levers, emotes, portals, and end (more explained in the next post). If you AFK for too long, the keyer is allowed to modify the floor time.

Please stay with your keyer until they have told you they are done selling.

has an official YouTube channel! If you would like to watch a guide on leeching, search "Keyers FC - Dungeoneering Leech Guide" on YouTube.

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What Leeches Are Required To Know

The following are common acronyms and rooms you should be aware of as a leech.

= tutor, located east of Dg banker.

= group teleport end, go through portal at base then click the ladder to end.

G(t) levers
= group teleport levers, in this room you must pull the lever when your keyer tells you to. Pay attention!

Gt emotes
= group teleport emotes, in this room you must stand on a pad and copy the emote your statue does.

G(t) portals
= group teleport portals, in this room you will be told a code by your keyer and you must follow it to unlock the room.

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Quick Tips

- Make sure you have unlocked the highest floor at your Dg level before resetting.

- Only reset once
of your floors are ticked off. Resetting before completing all floors will ruin your prestige and floors will grant less xp.

- Floor number does not matter unless you are unlocking a new floor, for example: F42 will tick off F45 because they are the same theme.

- If you DC, make sure to log back into the same world you were in to make it back into the floor.

- If you DC and the floor has been completed, you will not receive a refund.

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Rank System

If you're interested in becoming a rank in
, you must undergo a trial to demonstrate your understanding of Dungeoneering. For more info on how to obtain a rank, PM an admin or join

Given to leeches that have stuck with us on their journey to 120 Dg, making them valued members of our community.

C1 rank (1 stripe):

Permitted to sell rushes, craftable/smithable items and boss hunts.
59 Dg, 100 combat and short quiz required.

Med rank (2 stripe):

Permitted to sell rushes, mediums, craftable/smithable items and boss hunts.
90 Dg, 2000 total (minus invention), 100 combat, and trial required.

1s1l rank (3 stripe):

Permitted to sell everything but can only take 1 leech for larges.
110 Dg, 2400 total (minus invention), and trial required.

2s3l rank (bronze star):

No restrictions, can sell everything with up to 3 leeches for larges.
113 Dg, 2500 total (minus invention), elite Dg tasks completed and trial required.

Captain (silver star):

Moderators of the chat. Rank can be earned.

General (gold star):

Highest level of authority.
Highly involved in FC management and have many responsibilities.
Rank can be earned.

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Admins of Keyers

Feel free to PM any of our admins about questions or issues.




Au Digger
Im Rami
J ulian
Pyro Lord
Scott M
Skills Talk

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Donations Hall of Fame

1) Voxes - 750,000,000

2) Beach Bunnie - 497,950,000

3) Jfc - 350,000,000

4) Progress - 125,000,000
5) Huzaifah888 - 124,080,376
6) Hemza - 100,000,000
7) Zizeo - 70,000,000
8) Address - 50,000,000
9) Chewbacca - 25,000,000
10) King lej - 21,000,000
11) Exclusion - 20,500,000
12) Happy Moment - 20,000,000
13) Hentai Memes - 20,000,000
14) Gabru - 18,000,001
15) A lucky Wish - 17,000,000
16) Terse - 15,000,000
17) Yuv - 13,500,000
18) Vacarious - 11,750,000
19) Queued - 11,750,000
20) Jen - 11,000,000
21) Export - 10,000,000
22) Swifl - 10,000,000
23) RedGirl - 8,000,000
24) Scott M - 7,000,000
25) Xman - 6,969,696

Thank you everyone who has donated to

Only the top 25 donators are listed.

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RS Daily said:
Amazing service,got me from lv 30 to charming imp (100k tokens) in no time .. all hosts were friendly and understanding.
Really appreciated!

Export said:
I used this FC from 85-99 Dung and all of the hosts were very friendly and I really enjoyed my experience here. I would recommend this FC to anyone who is looking for fast, friendly, and affordable services!

AuZziE SpArK said:
amazing service and very friendly highly recommend!!

Worlieee said:

I cannot recommend these guys enough!
Without a doubt I will quickly become a regular with Keyers (maybe I'll eventually earn a loyalty card and get a discount ;)) they operate a fast and well organised service. Each floor was completed flawlessly and my Keyer was a guy called Voxes- What a guy he was friendly, fast, extremely knowledgeable and funny :).

I will be trying to use these guys all the way to 99 :) (I need to make some more gold first haha)

Three words to sum this service up.... Fast, Friendly, Perfect.

eTrade said:
Great guys! Fast service and everyone was very helpful.
Great prices and no complaints!
Check it out
Shout you to Glares,Admit and everyone else who helped me!

satans queen said:
thanks keyers fc! you guys r awesome. a special thank you to "Voxes" and to "Mike 0"
5*s from me <3

Schkully said:
I've never been much for dungeoneering, but after finding this clan I've come to respect all ranks within. They are unbelievably fast and honestly the price was great. I will always be coming back anytime I need to level again.

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Mega Absol said:
Wonderful fc - Fast floors, helpful staff, reasonable prices. They made finishing my least favorite skill actually enjoyable and pleasant which I didn't think was possible. All callouts that I needed to follow were super clear as well. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to buy dung leeches.
Also someone just let me have a sagitarian shortbow the boss dropped at one point which was nice of them :D

Knerte said:
Currently using Keyers to get my dg up since i don't like doing it myself, and I have to say this is some really nice ppl in here, sure it cost a tiny bit, but it's absolutley worth every penny! If you don't know what to do or how to do it, they will help and explain very good.

11/10 (yes that's +1 extra)

Habeeboo said:
Efficient and so polite, best prices and service provided, recommend these guys over any other keyers.

Best Keying Service get amongst it

Meme Maths said:

Have to say I'm very happy and pleased with the efficiency and commitment of this F.C.

Very friendly and professional staff, couldn't have asked for better. :D

10/10 Would recommend to anyone looking to buy 120 Dungeoneering like I did.

stum said:
I had the pleasure of being leeched by Factoring, Very professional, fast and friendly, I hope to see her again in the future, amazing fc and i would recommend her to anyone.

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