Sliske's Endgame (Follow up)

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This entire thread is spoilers, up to the boss fights. In light of this, I ask people who would like to post to add Spoiler tags for anything after the three-way fight

Otherwise, let's discuss!

It's safe to say this quest is a NIGHTMARE to get through, especially without a guide. But I've almost done it ad read up about the rest.

Who won the stone for 42 Canon? For the most part there are six options, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, Seren, Zaros, and the World Guardian.

Not that it entirely matters, since mine and Spart's favourite winged hellraisers swooped in to destroy it.

But, it matters for the sake of the faction and stories and all that fun stuff.

Do we just want to say the World Guardian got it?

Does it matter, since Zaros and Seren step in to try and claim it? (Actually doing so in 3/4 situations where they don't already claim it.)

Needless to say, concerning the VERY end,

Jas is now awake, and the other three Elder Gods are stirring. Bik under Entrana, Ful under Karamja, and Wen under the expanse of WWM and Ice Mountain.

Also, a Happy Holidays from Asgarnia's resident drunk.

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For anyone confused:

The Elder Mirror is able to channel energy, copy it, and redirect it. Using "The Echo", which is basically the connection to The Catalyst that the Dragonkin have, Kerapac used the Mirror to take a lot of available anima energy (given their location in The Heart), funneled it through the Mirror and redirected it through his own connection to the Stone, (which was rather painful given the screaming) and overloaded the Stone.

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I'd say for the sake of rp canon it doesn't matter who got to it first. Likely every gods followers will claim theirs took it and since no character in rp was there to know the truth it doesn't matter what it is. We should just chalk it up to Schroedingers lore

22-Dec-2016 19:37:51

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Yeah, I'd just let whoever claim whatever just as they did for Guthix's death (see: The Book of the Godless). "Ptolemos, the friendly, informative Mahjarrat."
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