OSRS Roleplay?

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Futile Demon
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Futile Demon

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Heyyo! I see there's a roleplay world in Old School RuneScape, but I can't find even the slightest trace of RP there. It sucks -- I much prefer my OSRS Fashionscape over my RS3.

(Seriously, Jagex, bring that Old Demon Mask to RS3 and I will love you for life)

Is there any here? At all?

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23-Sep-2018 01:50:58

Jane Sable

Jane Sable

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I've been looking myself, even on the forums and Internet, and found none. Guess people are too focused on being efficient. :P

Lately I've had a real itch for something text-based (or in w42, but I've always thought an in-game format clunky) in the world of OSRS's Gielinor. If you're up for something like that, add me! Maybe we can seek out other people to get something going?

26-Sep-2018 20:33:14



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WonTonYinn said:
With that there is now a discord community that works on runescape roleplay. with 70+ strong its a good group ;)

Link is invalid. If you have an updated one, please provide it
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08-May-2019 00:15:49

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Not sure if you're still looking, but feel free to add me in-game. I'm always up for RP when I'm online - in fact it's mostly all I do nowherdays. “To hesitate is to fail. To fail is to disobey. How you complete your objective matters not; it is ultimately the final result that is of import. Results are the currency in which we deal, after all - the process is of little consideration.” .

15-Jun-2019 20:34:44

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