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Pyro has apologised for his deception already, why do you have to take time out of your day to dig for a three year old post to make a point about an issue thatís already been addressed?

This kind of poisonous shit is why this server canít have nice things anymore. Itís honestly sad how much data people keep stored on another role player just so that some day they can use it to embarrass and shame them. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with you.

Leave the guy alone and maybe heíll stop acting out and doing some questionable underhanded shit that gets your jimmies rustled.

The sooner everyone stops interacting with him as they have done under the - albeit well earned - stigma that comes along with the name Ďpyroí, and accept that he was capable and courteous under the guise of arenaride, the sooner everyone can just get on with RolePlaying.

Treat eachother with respect, trust eachother to play by the rules. Somebody has to give here to get the ball rolling toward change.

Edit: 100% debunks the notion that people canít change though.

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