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Golden Joystick Awards

The Golden Joystick Awards are just around the corner and we’re proud to announce that we’ve once again been nominated for an award!

Jagex has previously won two awards for UK Developer of the Year and now RuneScape has been nominated in the Best Online Game category. This past year has seen the release of RuneScape 3: the biggest update the game has ever seen, with your feedback at the forefront throughout its development. With player-led events such as the Battle of Lumbridge and community-voted quests such as Birthright of the Dwarves, the future of Gielinor has been put in your hands, and it’s your votes that will decide the winner of this coveted Golden Joystick Award.

The Golden Joystick Awards are the only games industry awards voted for entirely by players, which is why we’ve been so honoured to receive them in the past. Server-straining volumes of voters can't be wrong.

To support RuneScape in this year’s Golden Joysticks, simply visit the voting page on the Golden Joystick website and register your votes.

There has never been a more exciting time for RuneScape and we hope that you’ve enjoyed all the fantastic updates so far in 2013. We’ve plenty more to come in future – including epic new world events and a brand new skill – and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Get behind the game you love. Vote now!

The RuneScape Team

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Res after I stop giggling.

RuneScape 3 is very much a community-strengthened game. Jagex designed and implemented some AMAZING updates this year with graphics that are almost competitive, but it still lags in the category of "completing" its content - completing graphical dwarf updates, patching minigame incongruitites, rebalancing shop/item prices, taking in-hq feedback, etc. It takes the testing and feedback of millions of players to make the 12 years of content mesh together. You can see this in the sometimes 200-per-month patch notes. So I'm tempted to vote for Rs3, but I want to think about it a bit more.

P.S. Some of the screenshots on CVG aren't of RuneScape.

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i uhhh.... good luck i guess hahaha

Sorry to be so mean and dismissive; i know you guys are doing your best, you guys do so well in so many aspects, you just really really really really really have to get rid of your investors- you guys know it's true as well- if there's a way to successfully get rid of them everybody will be happy at the cost of a bit of profits :)

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Gagan js

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You don't deserve it one bit.

The gameplay, along with skills and the economy is broken. For example smithing, spend hundreds of millions for 99, make rune plate. Tier 50/99 armour after achieving skill mastery. There is a similar story with other skills, you never took the effort to overhaul and keep them in line with all the stuff you kept releasing.

Then there are the trust issues with your community.

Sorry but you need to stop milking this game and just go away. 2013 has been a very bad year, and only the veteran players understand this.

04-Oct-2013 17:53:08

Hax Phantom

Hax Phantom

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Unfortunately runescape doesn't really fit into some of the other categories that it might have a better chance of winning. Going up against games like league of legends doesn't look too promising for runescape.

04-Oct-2013 18:04:51

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