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Just logged in to say that all the fuss about the low prizes has been going on ever since Jagex removed Lifetime membership as a prize for Player Gallery 1st place winner.. And then from Golden Gnome Art Gallery winners.. After that, the prizes have been bumping up and down, up and down.. Sometimes good, sometimes bad..

...But this is not what i wanted to talk about - how good or bad prizes are -

Last time when we still had Mod Phoenix around, we discussed that Players gallery winner and the 2 runner ups could probably get ingame title as one of the prizes... Something special, something that you ONLY get from here, Player Gallery. But when the Seasonal High Score came out and Mod Phoenix leaving the team, the idea fell to the depths of the long gone BotanyBay :D

So my question would be - Matthe, what do you think?
Could you fight for something like this to us? :D

//This is good! To know few months up front what theme its gonna be. For example i had no idea the theme for this month is Battle... But WOW... i hit good with Ragefire boots... Cause you sure got to BATTLE HARD to get those boots! :D
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