Podcast - Two of a Kind

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Mod William

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Podcast - Two of a Kind

RuneScape Podcasts

In our latest podcast, Mod Jane pits Mod Osborne against Mod Raven in a quick-fire quiz on the new quest One of a Kind, while Mod MattHe keeps the scores!

During the podcast, Osborne and Raven answer your questions in a battle of wits. Which brave JMod will beat the other to the perfect answer? Who will win the day? Listen now and find out!

All of our podcasts are uploaded onto our PodBean page - follow us there and stay up to date with every episode. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes.

The RuneScape Community Team

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Gilly 2811
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Gilly 2811

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Good podcast, pleased with the answers. Looking forward to the Fate of the Gods one!

By the way, is there a uh ETA of sorts that this comes out every week? They seem to be published on odd days generally through the week.

22-Mar-2014 12:10:00

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I usually enjoy the podcasts but lately they have become unprofessional. Every podcasts is becoming more full of non-sence such as bragging about wearing pink socks, squeezing rubber duckies and just plain acting up. Can you please keep it more mature? Jagex 2019 New Year Resolution... MTX our customers until RS3 SERVER SHUTDOWN PARTY!
The RS3 Community is treated like :@RUBBISH:@ due to constant TH promotions.

Don't buy keys on Treasure Hunter, if you do Jagex will only make more TH promotions :(

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Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska

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You guys had me in fits of laughter! Lore is something I could listen to for hours when it's done seriously, but the comedy kick makes these podcasts so much fun :D

Unferth and his carpet, lol.
Guthix appeared frequently to us back in those days. I suppose he wanted to ensure balance and that he wasn't introducing something to this world to upset that balance.

24-Mar-2014 06:44:45

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