Slayer & Combat Weekend

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One suggestion about time frame for the weekends. . . . please include all timezones in calculations.

I'm 5 hours behind UK time, but i just noticed that i'm not getting the double charms or the double slayer points. This is not fair to ppl that are playing in other countries.

I have approx. 2 hrs left till May 5th and I should still be able to collect my dbl charms, points, etc that the weekend promised.

Seems like someone doesn't understand this in the office or just doesn't care about this, which is quite sad tbh

Just hanging out and playing.

05-May-2014 03:16:14



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Skcarkden said:
Herblawyer said:
[#R160V1ITR] said:
Social Media Challenges?

Are you for real?
You want me to make a twitter, facebook and pinterest account to receive something in-game?

There is no way to express how I feel about this in a polite way...
No, I'm pretty sure the Social Media Challenges only give you a badge or something to show off on social media sites. It won't affect your account in any way, as far as I know (as in, you won't miss any items, privileges, bragging rights, etc.). I might be wrong, of course, but I sincerely hope I'm not.

So then.. it's not a reward it's a punishment? :p
Yes. Although, it could be both, if you're like that.

05-May-2014 05:53:20

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05-May-2014 17:19:09

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Gluttony said:
Mod William said:
This week - until Sunday 11th May - your challenges are:

Follow us on Twitter (@RuneScape), and to tweet us - using the hashtag #RuneScapeRoadTrip - your favourite RuneScape memory.

Take a screenshot of you doing something awesome in-game for our special Pinterest board, which will be created after we’ve received all the entries.

To ‘like’ us on Facebook, and ‘share’ your favourite post on there.

When you’ve done each one, take a screenshot, and save it to your ‘scrapbook’ (i.e. a folder on your computer) to show us at the end of May. We’ll ask you to do the same for each of the challenges, and submit your entries to competitions@jagex.*** come the end of May.

May I clarify - at the end it says all entries are submitted as images at the end of May. However, "until 11th of May" implies something needs to be submitted before the 11th of May.
Should we submit the screenshots before every short deadline and then once more at the month end or should we just make sure the date is included in the images and submit all at once at the month end?

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06-May-2014 06:45:55

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