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i know its the wrong place to ask but ive emailed and sent ticket for my other acc and nothing happend i just need email reset so i could do the old thing recovery with old info ********* etc etc please

my other acc has been hacked and my email was changed please help me fast ididnt have bank pin i dont wanna lose my items

rs* before the hack : Dana x
rsn after :mikediehardi

pleaase help and again im sorry to post atthe wrong place but its the most place with j mods activity please help me im really sorry again

14-Jun-2014 14:07:31

Miss Misty
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Miss Misty

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I drew an entry for the the Elf one but hated it :P Waiting for the net competition and will truly take my time on it :P It will still be rubbish but hey... what's the harm in entering ;)

I just want to say a massive WOW.... some of these entries are just mindblowing.. Congratulations :D
Miss Misty
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20-Jun-2014 11:59:03

Tifa says Hi
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Tifa says Hi

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Hi guis!!^^
I'm just calling out to those access to the
High Level Forums
to check out our Rs Fan-art Thread. If you have anything you like to share that is outside of the Players Gallery's Theme, All RS-Fanart is Welcome!

Please Support our Artists!<3
& Ty for your Time^^
Hope to see new comers/future Maxers/Compers to the thread! :D

Must have access to HLF to use this link: Doodle Adventures
Hi, My name is Tifa! I am a Runescape chibi artist under the pen name:
Tifa Amakura.

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Hey guys, I know this thread is 2 months old, but I was wondering, where is the 49th player gallery with the elves? Sorry I just really want to see the elf art lol.

Though, I guess it wouldn't really match anymore with the elves getting such a big, and not 100% good graphic change.
Come the Sixth-Age, the world will need the World Guardian.

06-Sep-2014 12:53:01

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