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RuneFest Video Competition Winner

Earlier this month, we asked all you intrepid ‘Scapers to help out the Gielinor Tourist Board by producing a video showcasing all the awesome things RuneScape has to offer. The winner would get an all-expenses-paid trip to RuneFest 2014. And boy you delivered.

The quality of entries was fantastic – we’ve had fantastic fun checking through them all. You guys voted for our top five (which turned into a top six), and from that five, we’ve chosen a winner.

*Drumroll please*

The Winner

Congratulations to the Realscaperz!

We loved the take on the brief, and the quality of the production in this tongue-in-cheek video. It truly is a brilliant and worthy winner. So congratulations! We look forward to seeing you on the 11th October!

As well as the all-expenses-paid trip to RuneFest, we’ll also be featuring this video on the RuneScape official YouTube channel in the next week. So please show it some love and subscribe!

The Finalists

However, we had some other brilliant finalists, each as diverse and creative as each other – so we thought it only fair to share their entries as well.

First up, Eli Kapres created this brilliant IRL video:

Note: this video may not be available to view in every country.

Second, Andr3wco7 produced this high-octane freestyle, which we loved.

Next, a great effort from Jarkur, dancing his way through Gielinor!

Next, Moon Sparkles with a great IRL/machinima crossover which will make you smile.

And finally, but no means least, Rs Short Vids created this great Spartan-crossover effort.

All our finalists will receive a RuneScape goodie-bag and a free month’s membership.

Thank you very much for all your entries – as we mentioned, the standard was incredibly high, and you can be proud of all of your efforts.

Remember, if you ever produce a RuneScape video – please let the Community Team know about it through You could make it into the fortnightly Community Chronicle!

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It looks like the second video may only be able to be viewed in the U.S./Canada. If there are other countries who can check it out, post them on this thread please :).

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