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The festive feeling is in full swing this weekend as you can enjoy double tokens from both regular Dungeoneering and Sinkholes. As an added bonus, Sinkholes XP lamps will dish out an extra 50% for the duration of this weekend too!

This Winter Weekend will run from 4th December at 12:00 UTC until 7th December at 12:00 UTC.

The RuneScape Team

04-Dec-2015 12:03:35

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Do ironmen get double tokens from regular dungeoneering as well?

Nvm, found out elsewhere that ironmen do in fact get double tokens > )
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PrawnEros said:
I don't seem to be getting double tokens in regular dungeon o_o

It won't appear visually at the end of the floor results. But it will add up as double to your total tokens count.

You can quick chat your tokens before floor end, and after it does, to see if it is working.
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04-Dec-2015 13:30:01



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Thanks Lucine.
I was wondering about that as well. This is sweet, thanks Jagex.

Happy dungeoneering everyone! :)
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04-Dec-2015 16:54:14

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