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Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Hey! :)

I'm Mod Shauny and I'm the newest addition to the Community Management team. Naturally with the upcoming 15th anniversary I couldn't think of a better time to introduce myself.. -ahem-

As time goes on I'll be here there and everywhere, I'll be taking over the day to day runnings of Jmod Events so you can fully expect to see my face in-game or even Lobbyscaping from time to time.

I've been playing RuneScape actively for the last 5 months, my greatest accomplishment being when I made it to Prifddinas with 1.7k total level (Such a noob! :P) but I love having fun and all in all having a good time when playing games.

As well as playing RuneScape I'm an avid PC gamer, playing a load of different kind of games.

If you want to keep up with my escapades you can follow me on Twitter (@JagexShauny), I look forward to all of the adventures that lie ahead!
Mod Shauny - RuneScape Community Management - Goebies! - @JagexShauny
I love Clans!

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Welcome to the team shauny!

Glad to have you here on runescape now! :D For other members, feel free to join ''mod shauny'''s friendchat!

Happy new year everyone<3
Proud member of Rise of Slayer clan!

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Welcome Shauny you have already had a positive affect on me through your fc, i wish you the best of luck in your new role here at jagex. And keen to chill more when your up for a chat or just bored haha.

Stay awesome bro!
I am just a friendly veteran, do not be suprised if you see me around! :D

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