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Mod Poerkie

Mod Poerkie

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Halowa everyone,

I've gone over all the Forum Modererations Reviews that did match the format. If It didn't match the format an and it's still relevant, submit it again with the format and we'll have a look at it.

@Froud & @Southeaster
I've forwarded this to Mod Meadows and he's taken action.

case1: I think MS Toxicity took an appropriate action. Removing posts from all parties involved seems like a logical step in this situation.
case2: I can not find the posts you're referring too.

@dong u dead
In addition to the actions taken by the F-mod I've hidden one more post which is also off-topic.

The F-mod has in my opinion made the right decision. Your post is more like a statement than a start of a discussion that could take place.

@sans papiers
The F-mod has removed both of your post because you were flaming other players not because they disagree with you. In particular in your 2nd post is an unnecessary flame. Therefor I think the right decision has been made.

I think there would have been no harm in keeping it open, on the otherside I think the reasoning from the F-mod is fine. Therefor There is no urgent need to revert it.

The F-mod in question has taken the right action. Not much else needs to be said here I feel like.

@draco Burnz
case 1: There is no clear yes or no answer here and therefor i have not decided to take action.
case 2: The F-mod in question dealt fair in this sitation and no actions needs to be taken.
case 3: This issue is already resolved

I have made your post visible again.

I have made your post visible again.

I support the decisions made by the F-mod in question, which is based on a decision bade by one of my fellow J-mods. no action needs to be taken here.

Happy chatting,
Mod poerkie
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13-Apr-2018 11:55:46

Mod Poerkie

Mod Poerkie

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I'm back again and have gone over them again. There are still a lot of messages that don't match the format and therefor are ignored.
If you want it to be looked at, make sure it follows the format outlined on Page 1, post 1.

We've followed up on that and it should be resolved now. I can tell you that the outlined actions have also been carried out now.

@dong u dead
I can see you are regularly reporting 'non-issues' - I'm concered you may be over using the FMR which is diluting your review requests. Please reserve these for issues where you are certain an Fmod has made an error.

I support the decision made by the L-mod in question. The use of the word 'haters' is unnecessary and 'not supporters' is more than sufficient in this case.

@fifi la frou
Mod Meadows has posted here about advertising discord servers. I believe that answers your question.
Community Manager! @JagexPoerkie

24-Apr-2018 13:14:08 - Last edited on 24-Apr-2018 15:51:25 by Mod Poerkie

Mod Poerkie

Mod Poerkie

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I agree with the JMod in question, he did what was right :P
Without joking though, we use a template to have all the information we need in an overview.
A quote on its own doesn't allow us to see all the information in a blink, hence we ask everyone to include the template (and fill it in).

It might be a bit tedious and therefor it's something we may want to review/reconsider in the future. In the meantime i would like to ask you to stretch your effort and include the template nonetheless, even if you already quoted the message.

Thank you, the thread is now locked!
Community Manager! @JagexPoerkie

26-Apr-2018 12:55:07

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