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Mod Meadows said:
Amazonkaty said:
Welcome Mod Meadows,
I love Games of Thrones too!! Can't wait for the new series, favourite character is Daenerys Targaryen :). Also thumbs up on being a Doctor Who fan too!! Who's been your favourite characters in Dr Who?

I hope you enjoy your time with Jagex!

Yas Doctor Who is awesome. :D

Off the top of my head: I love Missy, I think she's just hilarious. I love her actress as well in Bad Education so maybe i'm slightly biased. ;)

Also yay for Game of Thrones! I have a Dany Funko on my desk! :)

Mod Meadows.

Missy by the look of it is in an upcoming episode on the current Saturday Dr Who schedule. She is a very good character I agree, would be in my top 5 :).

I would say River Songs always been the favourite of mine, her script was always well written and performed. Out of the Doctors we've had which have you enjoyed watching the most? For me it was David Tennent :).
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